Turkish Haidi Hamdu Sena

Handu Sena And Her Dog Tommy

Hamdu sena and tommy
Recently there are a new at social media and tv news.That new's heroes,little Hamdu Sena, her dog Tommy,mother mother goat and baby goat.

Hamdu Sena is 11 years old and live with her family a small village near the city of Rize(a city in black sea region) ,in Turkey.She is a student but when she come back to home she help her family and going with her big brother.She and her brother protector and guide of their animals.Her family are farmer and that goats their source of income.

Last week when she came back to home she and her brother went to tableland.But winter season and snowed much last week and there are much snow everywhere.But there was a surprise a pregnant goat made that surprise.When birth started and come back to home with another goats and took their school bags.

They had baby goat and mother and baby goat was weak for to walk inside snow so smart dog tommy and Sena helped them.They look happy inside bags.

When her borther shared that photos on social media Tommy and Sena become popular in Turkey.Than tv channels made interview with Sena.She said that ''Actually we want to immortalize the moment but after 2 days I learned that becoma popular on social media.I m happy for it.''

That events show that there are still natural things in the world.
When people give their love to animals ,they never give up and save their owners always.So never forget that animals have hearts too.

I jus wanted to share that new I liked much ı might that you will like too, do not forget to drop message....

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