famous attractions in istanbul

Famous Attractions in Istanbul

Today is really good for to go somewhere,weather is not much hot and not much cold but on Ramadan I dont move much so I will continue to write for yours.I will continue to write about İstanbul's
atracttions places.At the first list ı wrote ten attractions and today I will write another ten attractions.I hope like them.If want to read first attractions list can read there.

11-Ortakoy Square and Ortakoy Mosque

ortaköy camii

Bosphorus and İstanbul completing each other.But Bosphorus look different near from Ortakoy Mosque.Bosphorus,Ortakoy Mosque and bridge.When visit Ortaköy Mosque can take amazing photos and watch amazing Bosphorus view, can drink
something at waterfront cafes.Especially at weekend Ortaköy square very popular and crowded.Ortaköy Kumpir is very famous so must taste it. Kumpir as like a patotoes sandwich without bread.There are peas,cheese , corn,ketchup, mayonnaise, baked patotoes, olive,sausage,Russian salad in kumpir but ingredients can change seasons.

12-Suleymaniye Mosque

süleymaniye camii

Mosque built on the order of Sultan Suleiman Magnificient.
Architect Mimar Sinan began in 1550 and the mosque was finished in 1557.This work,  has been made perfect in terms of sound transmission by using different structures in his acoustics.It is the second largest mosque in the city. The mosque is located on the dominant hill of Historical Peninsula. It's height about 53 meters,dome diamater is 26 meters and there are 4 minarets and their heights are 72 meters.Mosque designed a complex(Külliye) so there are public kitchens,public bath,hospital and school (medrese)

13-Spice Bazaar(Mısır Çarşısı or Egypt Bazaar)

mısır çarşısı

Spice Bazaar is behind of  Yeni Mosque(Valide Sultan Mosque) and next Çiçek Bazaar at Eminönü.It  is one of the oldest bazaars in Istanbul.It was constructed in 1660.People call it Egypt or Spice because merchants sell spice and herbs which come from Egypt.
When it come there you will admie atmospher and spice smells will 
give peace and feel their taste in mouth.

14-Golden Horn and Pier Lottie

Pier Loti tepesi

Pierre Loti hill another amazing view from Istanbul.At night and day can see how is beautifull Istanbul and Golden Horn.There is  a cafe at that hill and its name Pierre Loti cafe.Want to tell some information about Pierre Loti and about this hill.His name is Julien Valud and he was novelist, naval officer,orientalist.lover of Turkey and Turkish people.

15-Istanbul Archaeology Museum

İstanbul arkeoloji müzesi

The Istanbul Archeology Museum is among the world's greatest museums, with more than a million works of various cultures. It is the oldest building of Turkey built as a museum.If you like historical things must see there.

16.Eyup Sultan Mosque

Eyüp SultanCamii

Eyup Sultan Mosque one of the famous mosque in Istanbul.
Every day many domestic ad foreign tourist visit there.Eyup Sultan is important for muslim people.Eyup Sultan.Muslim prophet stayed his home when muslims moved to Medine.Eyup Sultan joined many wars for to share moslem.When muslims sieged to Istanbul Eyup Sultam was in muslim army.He was so old and he wanted that when he died, his tomb could be at the border of islam army.Buried him near city walls.After many years when Conqueror Sultan Mehmet sieged Istanbul his teacher Akşemseddin found his tomb.Than Sultan ordered to built a mosque and tomb in 1458. Mosique is situated at near Golden Horn.There are a cemetery near mosque.

17.Istanbul old city walls 

istanbul city walls

Istanbul city walls come from Byzantium Empire and Holy Roman Empire ages.But some parts still look strong but some parts lose 
survivor.But if you come Istanbul city walls must be in see list.

18.Little Hagia Sophia

The Little Hagia Sophia Mosque, formerly the Church of Sergius and Bacchus, was built by Emperor Justinian from 527 to 536.
Small Hagia Sophia, located between the districts of Kadırga and Cankurtaran, near the southern part of the Marmara walls.Small Hagia Sophia not famous as much as Great Hagia Sophia but it is older than Great Hagia Sophia.It is one of the oldest places of worship dating from the Roman period of Istanbul.


Miniatürk is really good place for to see every historical place about Turkey.There are many model in there.Its same as originals.Can see every amazing model without go.

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