Henna Night is Turkish style Bachelorette party

Turkish  Henna Night (Kına Gecesi)

Kına Gecesi

Couples prefer to marry especailly summer seasons.They are right
because everything is easy in summers.Wedding organizations take long time and preparing is long time and wedding long time too.
Weddings take 3 days in Anatolia.Its traditional style but in cities it take short time too.Kına Gecesi is part of wedding.Can think as a 
bachelorette party.There are some rules and special ritual for Kına 
Gecesi.I will write about it I hope can like it.

Why making Henna Night

Especially in Anatolia, the tradition of  henna is practiced by almost every family.In recent years, these emotionally charged nights are also attracting interest in big cities but they creating as a small wedding in big cities.

Henna dab in ancient Islamic traditions.The Old persons say that spouses have been made for the purpose of maintaining their love for a lifetime.It is also believed that henna will protect the married couples from evil and evil eye.daped to henna the hands of both the bride and the guests, the marriage is celebrated and blessed in a sense.

What are rules in Henna Night

We can think it as a  bachelorette party so there are a  rule.
Main rule is no man.Yeah man do not join hena night.Just groom can join while dab henna but its for a just short time.

What are ritual of Henna Night.

Its a special night so there are some rituals.First ritual about dress.Brides wear red dress in Anatolia.Its a special for every regions but it must be red.Style can be different but color same.

While dabing  henna, bride do not open hands firstly,than girls call
mother-in-law and say that bride do not open harnds and mother-in-law give gold or money.Its tradition.

Bride's friends must dab henna too and they distribute henna for guests too.While distributing henna they give some nut.

Bride's friends and another guests try to cry bridge with special songs.Especailly they sing that Yüksek Yüksek tepeler,Its traditiona l song for that ritual.If bride cry with song it show that she is sad for to leave from family.

After dabing henna part going and everybody enjoy together.

After Henna night wedding ceremony continue another day.

Trump reallylike henna nights too.Last day he created a very big henna night party with 
FBI director and a few senator... :))))

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