Top Attractions in Turkey

Top Attractions in Turkey 

Before I wrote about attractions about İstanbul.Today I will write about top atracttions in Turkey to visit.Of course will be a few places from İstanbul in our list.There are many places to visit, it will be hard to choose bests.So lets start to see attractions list in Turkey .

1-The Hagia Sophia

hagia sophia interior

I started my list from Istanbul and Hagia Sophia.Every day and every season many people visit Hagia Sophia.Ican Say that its first destination for visitors in Turkey and Istanbul.That old temple has a rich history and look still strong and waiting visitors.

2-Blue Mosque and Sultan Ahmet Square

blue mosque

Especially summer and ramadan season Sultan Ahmet square more crowded.Blue mosque very popular in the world.Actually its name Sultan Ahmet Mosque but Europians call it Blue mosque because 
ıts name is derived from the blue tiles decorating its interior.Mosque
completed by Mehmet Agha in 1616 and still muslims pray and toursits visit there.


cappadocia hot baloon

Hittites, Assyrian Colonies, Greeks and Romans lived in that region.
All civilazitions added new things but nature is most important chief
about that amazing view.Cappadocia,Urgup,Goreme regions look like different world.So many toursits visit there every year.
Can read our article for more information about cappodocia


pamukkale travertines

Pamukkale is another amazing place in our list.I lived there 5 years for university so I know how is popular pamukkale.Especially asian
tourists visit pamukkale.There are Hierapolis ancient city near travertines.Leodikya ancient city in another important place for to visit.

5-Nemrut Mountain and Commagene 

nemrut mountain

Nemrut mountain is located in Adıyaman at east of Anatolia.Its most important touristical center east Anatolia.There are ruins from
Commagene Kingdoms at national park.Kommagene King Antiochos's tumulus and holy places in National park area.Its really good to watch sunrise from Nemrut mountain.
can read more information about Nemrut Mountain 

6-Gallipoli and Troy


Çanakkale,Gallipoli and Troy another attraction in our list.When I 
was primary school I visited there.Çanakkale and Gallipoli are important us.When look at Worl War I history can see an amazing vistory in there.Every year we celebrate our victory and Anzacs 
do commemorate cerenomy in there.When look at ancient history we will see a myth about Troy.


Ephesus ancient city

Ephesusu Ancient city in very important tourism center in Turkey, the city has many amazing historical artifact and they are very old.Ephesus was consturcted about 6000 B.C in Neolithic Period.Currently excavations archaeologists find some Hittite antiquity.Apasas was city name of the Hittite ages.Currentyl Ephesus was constructed by Lysimakhos who was commnader of Alexander B.C. 300. Ephesus was at golden age in Roman Empire period , it was capital city , Asia region. There were 200.000 person in Ephesus and it was center of trade,art, science..Ephesus moved another place at Byzantium period and Turks conquered that place in 1330

8-Oludeniz and Fethiye

fethiye at Turkey

 Fethiye is one of the beautiful district of Muğla.Fethiye is between Aegean and Mediterranean, has mediterrenean climate.You know that area have many good beaches and historical vestiges so similiar another touristical place and many foreign and domestic tourists visit there summer season.Oludeniz,Butterfly valley ,Calıs beach and Kaya köy is another important centers.

9-Antalya and Aspendos

Antalya is a tourism center of Turkey.Every year thosends foreign and domestic toursits visit Antalya.If want to see history and enjoy at beaches Antalya is right place for it.There are many resorts near Antalya.Alanya is most famous one.

10-Sumela Monastery and Black Sea region

sumela monastery at Turkey

Actually there are many place but I will finish my list with sumela monastery.Sumela monaster is very famous and when people come to Blacksea region do not come back without see Sumela Monastery or just come there for to Sumela.It is really amazign architectural masterpiece.
can read there about Sumela monastery

I hope  that you like it and please do not forget to drop comments

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