Top Famous Churches at Turkey

Top Famous Churches at Turkey

Thousands years all religions lived in Anatolian's lands.They lived together in peace,rescpet each others.There are many holy place for all religions.Anatolia and Mesopotamia is first sites for humanity.

There are 349 active churches 38 synagogue at Turkey now.There
are140 Greek churches, 58 Syriac churches and 52 Armenian churches.So today I will write about popular and important churches.

1-Bulgarian Church of Sveti Stefan

Bulgarian Church of Sveti Stefan

Saint Stefan church is the first church which construction with iron.
So people called iron church too.İt look like an pearl near Golden Horn, at locality of Fener.Church belong to Bulgarian community.
Bulgarian Prince Stefan Bogoridi gave that land for church and Bulgarian people constructed a wood church in 1849.After fire 1898, Hovsep Aznavour melt 500 tonne iron and moved them to İstanbul from Vienna.Than assemblied iron parts at İstanbul.There was a 2 iron church in the world but another one destroyed in time so Sveti Stefan is one of the iron church in the world.

2-Saint Antoine Catholic Church

Saint Antoine Church is the biggest catholic church at Istanbul.Its located at Istiklal Street, while walking at from Galatasaray to Tunnel can see left side.Church conctructed for catholic community in 1725.
It was built by Italian architect Giulio Mongeri in Italian neo-gothic style.It was reconctructed in 1906 and red rick added in 1912.Can come in to church garden between apartments.That apartments belong to church and revenue for church.The church is aperate by Italian priests.Especially at Christmas and Easter days become very crowded.

3.Antakya Orthodox Church

Antakya Orthodox Church
Antakya is second center of Christianity.Antakya is important for Christianity because St. Paul and St. Peter devote their new religion there.
The oldest church known as Sen Piyer Church in Antakya too but Orthodox Church recontructed after earthquake in 1872, bye Russian engineers.Every year thousands of Christians come to Antakya to be pilgrims.

4.Mar Petyun Chaldean Church

Mar Petyun Keldani Church, one of the rich historical remains of Diyarbakir, is located near the Seyh Mutahhar Mosque.
It is estimated that it was first constructed in the 4th century but destroyed and built many times.The current structure was built in the 17th century.Church used by eastern Assyrians still.
Black basalt stone was used at construction.The church has been serving as Amid Keldani Church since 1681.

5.Deyrulzafaran Monastery Church 

Deyrulzafaran Monastery Church
The Deyrulzafaran Monastery, built in the 5th century AD.Monastery was important center of Syriac Church.
640 years (until 1932) was the place of residence of Syriac Patriarchs.The monastery is located 4 kilometers east of Mardin.It's name came from saffron plant.It's mean land of saffron.
There are 2 chuch inside on monastery.The second one is the Mor Hananyo Church which draws attention with the dome and is larger.This church was built by Syriac architects Theodosius and Theodore between 491-518.

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