Turkish President Erdogan Visit Trump

What Was Wrong with Obama

Hi dear friend I did not write anything long time for our blog.I had some problems and many thing changed in my life, moved another city I wrote about Bursa before maybe you remember I live in Bursa now.

Turkish President Erdogan visited Trump at The White House so all of channels telling about that visit.So I will write about Obama and Trump.

Sometimes we need to  have different view for to see something.Trump said a true things, for example poeple hate America.I agree with him.I will try to explain why people dont like USA,what will change with Trump ,what were Obama’s mistakes,what people want to see different with Trump.I will explain that things with foreign view from thousends kilometers USA.

It was as a revolution when Obama selected President of America.People thought that he look so sympathetic and charismatic.People like modest people and Obama was amiable.Especially muslim countries liked Obama and many people said Obama might be muslim.Because Bush hurted much muslim countries.Obama could be chance for good relationships.

USA had a bad appearance with Bush because people thought that Usa occupied Iraq for petrolium.They did not find nucleer weapons and millions persons dead and stil dying in Iraq so it is big reason that people do not like USA.People hoped that Obama could finish that war and blood but he was unsuccessful about Iraq .

Especially Turkey strategy was so wrong.Obama could do good things with Erdogan.Erdogan is strongest leader in middle east.Arabian countries,Turkish countries and African countries respect and like him but Obama did not want to see his power and authority.He is administrating Turkey about 15 years he saw economic crises, military  coup, economic downturns, civilian coup but still look strong.Today we can see that Turkey has good relation with Russia despite of fighter and ambassador crises.Because when military coup USA waited to result declaration and many people think that Usa knew that military coup and helped FETO terrorist organization.Turkey is one of the most important NATO alliance in middle east and Turkish people do not like USA anymore because people think that USA supporting terrorist group in Turkey and terrorrist group’s leader live in USA.

Many people claim that ISIS is a Project of USA. Edward Snowden and some american politician said it many times so main reason that why Syrian people hate USA.They lose their  life,relatives,mothers sisters,brothers,fathers and coutries.About 2 millions refugees live in Turkey.Who is  alliance of USA in Syria ? A terrorist organization, another part of PKK terrorist organization so it is another reason that why Turkish people do not like America.We must accept that Turkish army most succesfull army to battle of ISIS.It is a so big strategic mistake that do not support Turkey in Syria so America is unwanted state in peace meeting.

Finally I just said what is wrong for America in middle east because I live in there and we just want peace in that lands.Trump said that we have more important problems than Syria so we can accept that USA will stop to support wrong organizations in Syria.Another good things about Turkey strategy and I think that he has different ideas about FETO .USA is the strongest in the world so people want justice and peace from USA.When look at history can see that empires and states lived long time with justice and peace.We hope that Trump won’t make same mistakes.

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