What is Mosque Rules in Turkey

Mosque Rules For Tourists

Mosque Rules For Tourists

Today first day of Ramadan and muslim people will fasting during a month.Ramadan is holy month so muslims want to evaluate this holy month and will pray more than normal months.Will pray for to 
forgiveness.Mosques will be more crowded.But in Istanbul and another cities toursits visit mosques too.Tourism season and Ramadan will pass together.

When can visit Mosques

Mosques is public places so can visit there freely and without pay
money.But its closed during pray.Actually it's not good time for to visit because must respect prayers.But it dont take much time.

What must wear in mosque

Can see that muslims womans use scarf mostly but especially when they come in mosquw using scarf always.So when tourists visit mosque must respect that rules.There are scarfs and skirt near mosque doors can use them before come inside.

Another rule about wears is decolette and mini skirts.Mosque is holy place so much decolette 
and mini skirt not suitable for 
mosques.But there are long skirts too if you have much mini skirts.But its not neccesary for man but sometimes they can understand wrong.But its really
good that they respect much.
They look so funny :)

Why do not come in mosque with shoes

Can see that they without shoes.In Islam main subject is to be clean for pray.So mosques always must be clean.Must be carefull about that rule.There are overshoe for tourist some mosques.

Can I take photo or video in mosque

Sure  can take photo and videos in mosques.But if someone praying it can affect their concentration.

How must be behaviours in mosque

Mosque is holy place so its not good to laugh high level, run inside,body jokes,make noise.

Tourists can visit mosques on Ramadan ?

Mosques open for everything.Muslims accept that mosques home of God so everybody can loging.But if you want to visit, must be carefull some rules.Muslims go to mosque 5 times in a day for pray.
But on Ramadan night pray (yatsı in Turkish) take long time so toursits can visit mosque after 10:00 pm during on ramadhan.
Mosques will be more crowded so it's not good time for visits.
So tourists can visit mosques until 10:00 pm on ramadan in 2017.

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