black rose of turkey

Black Rose of Turkey

the black rosa of turkey
I m sure that we saw red,yellow,pink,
white roses but when I  say black rose
many people can think that ıts a joke.
Yeha there are natural black rose in the word and just grown in Turkey.
The black rose grown in Halfeti.
Halfeti is district of Şanlıurfa in 
southeast Anatolia.Black rose just grown in Halfeti, when moved another place their color change become red.Its really interesting that black rose just grown in Halfeti in Turkey.

Features of Black Rose

The balck rose was first collected from Halfeti in 1888 by the German pharmacist and plant collector Paul Sintenis but introduced to the world of science by Speta in 1977.The black rose, which lost 116 years, was rediscovered for the second time with this work.
For the first time this rose is collected from Mesopotamia and is known only to this region, so it takes its name from the region and is called "Mesopotamia hyacinth"It is an endemic plant that grows only in Halfeti inTurkey  all over the world.

Climate, soil, humidity making a special rose in Halfeti.Black rose 
blossom second times in a year.In Spring and autumn seasons black rose blossoms and grown about 6-7 cantimeters diamaters.Black rose grown up about 1-1,5 meters tall.When cut its flowers it's color change too.

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