Buyukada one of the beautiful touristic island in Istanbul

buyukada island Istanbul

A Touristic Attraction Buyukada (Prince) Island in Istanbul

Today I will write about Buyukada and try to introduce for our followers.Try to tell how can go there,what can do in Buyukada,what is famous in Buyukada and what is mean of Buyukada name .Hope that can like it. In Turkish Buyukada but it's old name was Prinkipo and its mean is Prince in Greek language.Buyukada island is center of the islands district in Istanbul.Buyuk mean is big in Turkish so its name came from it because Buyukada is the biggest island in Istanbul.(It is about 5.4 km square)Buyukada is really good place to rest and meet with nature.People visit there for to escae from Istanbul's stress and traffic.There is no traffic in island just there are pulic cars (police,ambulance..) people use phaeton and bicycle.If you like nature,sea and history should visit Buyukada island when come to Istanbul.

How can go to Buyukada

Buyukada island so just one way to go there will use ferryboat There are ferryboat service from Sirkeci, Kabataş ve Bostancı to Buyukada.

Which Places popular in Buyukada

Buyukada very popular with it's nature,historical mansions, natural ice cream The Monastery of St. George Koudonas and old Greek 

The Monastery of St. George Koudonas

the monastery was founded in 963, during the reign of Nicephorus II Phocas .Its a hold place especially for Greek orthodox people they visit there every year on 23 April.Monaster is located in Yucetepe and pilgrims climb the 203 meters for to visit there and pray.

The Greek Orphanage

The Greek Orphanage in İstanbul

 According to Jak Deleon, that orphanage was Europe’s largest wooden building, and the second largest in the world.The building was erected in 1898 by a French company. They planned to open it as a grand hotel called the Prinkipo Palace.But they wanted to  gambling casino but Sultan Abdül Hamid II refused to give permission.Than the building was then purchased by Eleni Zarifi and she donated it to the Ecumenical Patriarchate on condition that it be used as an orphanage.Orphanage used until in 1964.

10 things to do at Buyukada 

  • First thing to walk on island every pats especially beaches and can picnic too.
  • Rent a bicycle and enjoy and feel freedoom between forest.
  • Visit Islands museum and learn history of Island history and especailly sad moving stories.
  • Climb Hızır İlyas hill and will see Adakule(islandtower ) watch amazing sea and Istanbul view.
  • Visit The Monastery of St. George Koudonas and watch 
  • Visit Gerek orphanage
  • Ride phaetons andenjoy with historical mansions and streets.
  • Eat something at fish restaurants near sea
  • After eat something ice cream can be good and they are making really so good and natural.

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