Feast of Ramadan in Turkey

Feast of Ramadan or Sugar Feast

sugar feast

Ramadan is holy month for muslims and its good to understand poor people and how to learn control desires in ramadan.After finish ramadan muslims celebrate feast of ramadan.I will write about feast of ramadan rituals ,how we prepare for it,what is special for that day what we do in feast of ramadan.

How Prepare for Ramadan Feast

My mother prepare for that dat a week ago.She clean all of home and every part.Actually she always clean but ramadan feast is more special.After clean home she cook some special foods for guests.
Especially baklava and stuffed grape leaves.People but new clothes
for feast especially parents buy for kids.People buy bus ticket and reservation hotels a month ago because its hard to find them.
If do not go somewhere must buy sugars for kids and its explain why people call it sugar fest because childrens visit all home and take sugar.It can be strange to visit foreign houses but its traditions.
When I was child I did it many times and ate all of sugar in a day.

What Turkish do in Feast of Ramadan

feast of ramadan
Actually ramadan feast start on Arife which a day before feast.
Because holiday start on Arife so if people visit another city they start on travel.

  • Get up early wear new clothes and go to mosque for feast pray.Day start with pray and everybody celebrate each other after pray in mosque
  • When come back to home celebrate family and kiss older persons hands and take your baksheesh.Its tradition older people give money for little kids and making happy them.
  • Family breakfast than visit relatives ,if they live far call them phone and celebrate them.
  • Little childrens visit many houses and take sugars or Turkish delight,some olders give money too.
  • Granfathers and grandmothers wait visitors and they feel so happy when someone visit them.
Muslims celebrate feast of ramadan during 3 days,after end of the feastcontinue their life with peace until festival of sacrifices.

How does Ramadan Feast affect toursits ?

Actually it can be good for foreign toursits in İstanbul because people going for hometowns for to visit relatives .There are no traffic and crowded in Istanbul.But cant say same thing for Antalya and another toutistical places because domastic toursits visit there but this year ramadan feast holiday not much because efast day is sunday and feast will finish wednesday.I think that efast will not affect foreign toursits.I am planing to visit Istanbul too and good time for to go there.

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