Ottoman culture and traditions

Ottoman culture and traditions

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Ottoman Empire was not only a military empire.They conquered some place without swords, they conquered with respect and tolerance.Ottoman  has a rich culture and traditions.Ottoman Empire reign for 700 years, its so long time they were strong but culture traditions and rules affected to live so long time.Tourism Travel Turkey team searched some interesting and nice Ottoman traditions for folllowers.We will see how they are thoughtful and polite people.

  • Some tradesmans has a notebook which there are list of loans,who has loan and how much they loan.Especially on Ramadans rich people come to tradesmans  and say that tear a paper than pay that poor's loan.But they do not know each other never.Its best way to help people without know each other,ın secretly.
  • When come to guests owner of home offer coffee and water.If guest not hungry they drink firstly coffee but if they are hungry they drink water firstly.Than owner of home prepare foods for guests.Its really so good becuse if they ask are you hungry we can cook something maybe they can feel shy and cant say but its really thoughtful.
There are two type door knob at Ottoman.first one make much noise another one less noice.When a male come to home use much noice knob but if a female come to home she use less voice knob.In Ottoman ages male and female cant see each other much.So they used that way.

  • Ramadan was so special for Ottoman people so people help poor people much on ramadan month.Doors always open for poor people and they can join dinners freely.
  • Ottoman tradesmans think each other much.If his neighboor cant sell anything,tradesmans send their second customers to neighboor shop.Say that I sell something but my neighboor cant sell anything buy that things from my neighboor.
Flowers say something to people at Ottoman culture.If there are yellow flowers in front of windows its mean there is a patient in that home so be carefull and do not make noise.If
there are red flowers its mean there is a girl who in marriage age.So be carefull your speech and do not use slang words.

  • Young people do not walk front of olders.It is show respect.
  • House's front side look at Qibla.Neighboors do not cut another neighboor's sun light while construction new home.
  • Theer are charity box near mosques.Rich people put money into charity boxes for poors.Poor people come there and take anough money,they do not take much, think another poors too.Its really wonderfull things,they do not see each other.Poor do not feel shy,rich do not know who is.
  • Ottoman people like birds much, they built birds home near windows, or put water cup and sesame.
  • When a family come to home for allow to marriage or see girl, girl's family look at boy's knee.Beucase if boy pray there will be a mark on knee.They understand that he is a good muslim or not.
We just try to show some Ottoma traditions and cuture, fo course there are many things too.We just write most famous ones.Hope that like it,Please share and drop commnets.

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