Top Delicious Turkish Foods

Top Delicious Turkish Foods

Today I will continue to write about Turkish cuisine, last article ı wrote five piece and today I will write five foods again.But I know it will not finish again because Turkish cuisine realy rich and there are many foods.Per regions have differents delicious foods.I hope you can like top delicious Turkish foods list.

Turkish Gözleme

Turkish food gözleme
Gözleme is one of the traditional and old food.Especially Anatolian womans cook it much.
But its common in Turkey.Its so
delicious and satisfying.
Especailly its more delicious with ayran.There are many kind of gözleme.Womans make it with cheese, meat, vegetables.When you come to Turkey do not come back wtihout eat gözleme.

Turkish Döner

Turkish delicious food döner
Turkish döner actually many people know that delicious food.
There are many famous is abroad too.Especailly Germany, France, Belgium and Netherland
there are many döner restaurants
Döner made from beef, lamb. chicken meats but most quality Döner made from beef meat.Most important this is meat must cut as like sheet, must be very thin. Can add sheep suet between meat layers , it could be more delicious.At economical Döners can add minced meat.Especially must eat it with ayran and coke .

Turkish Pizza Lahmacun

turkish lahmacun
Why said Turkish pizza ?
because there are many things inside lahmacun but different than pizza.Pizza's ingredients are big but lahmacun's are minced.
There are meat,tomatos,pepper,
Especially East Anatolian's chief  good at cooking lahmacun .But can find it every restaurants in Turkey.

İçli Köfte (stuffed meatballs)

içli köfte
Another famous food from east anatolia.Especailly Gaziantep cuisine really famous and UNESCO added Gaziantep in Creative Cities Network list with Gaziantep cuisine.External part made from pounded wheat and there are mince with spices,onion and oil.Of couse must eat it with ayran ..


I m saying ayran ayran ..whats ayran.Can say that ayran is our
traditional drink.Especailly when it come from refrigerator.Ayran is a natural drink.There is no acid so your childrens can drink it too.Its easy to make ayran.We just need yogurt,blender,water and a little salt.Firstly must mix yogurt with blender about a minute than add enough water, it can be cold water I prefer cold water.Than add a little salt and mix 20 30 seconds.Ayran ready to drink.

I hope that like them and if you like please do not forget to drop comments and share it social media..

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