Turkish Weddings Traditions

Turkish Weddings Traditions

Turkish traditional bride

Last day our Tourism Travel Turkey team wrote about interestign turkish traditions and today we will write about weddings traditions.We will write about traditional anatolian weddings, how is process about it.What they are doing, families,couples and friends.When you travel Turkey can see some regions that type of weddings but its very rare but people still doing that traditions some places in anatolia.

  • Once upon a time mothers and older persons of family choose brides even couples see each other at wedding.Mothers go to Turkish bath for to look at bride.When like a girl for her son she search girl's family.Than go to girl's home.Its as a lookout team.If they like girl and her family come back again.
  • When they like girl they come again  for to want her as a bride from her family.If girl's family allow they can marry but if they do not want they cant marry.
  • Boy's family give money to girl's family.ıts bride price but recently do not do that tradition.
  • If they accept about marriage they talk about what they will buy for marriage.
  • When they come second time for allow marriage girl make coffee and add salt groom's cup.If groom drink it, it show that he will be good husband
  • Girl's make handworks and share her dowry for guests.If  she has much dwory , it show that bride is talented.
  • Turkish traditional weddings start thursdays or friday and it take about 3 days.
  • Traditional Turkish bride's costume was red but about 80- 90 years girls prefer white costume.
tie red belt bride
  • Girl's brother or father (if she dont have brother) tie red belt while bride go our from father home.Its mean we grown up our girl and save her and her virginity.Now that duty is her husband.

  • Before wedding ceremony girls make henna night and just groom can join it.When dab henna girl do not open hands before for to take money and gold from mother in law.
  • When come to take bride, a little son sit on dower-chest and groom or his father give money for to take it.
  • Once upon a time groom's family and guests come with camel or horse for to take bride.But these days there are cars for it.But still there are that tradition in anatolia.
  • While bride go out from her afther's home she break little cruse or jug.Its mean give up her bad features at her father's home.
  • Couples invite their relatives and friends and they bring money or golds for to give them.
  • When finish wedding ceremony couples go for first night.After first night they had to show sheet with blood.It was important to to show brides virginity.Virginity is important for Turkish culture.
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