Salda Lake is Turkey's Maldives

Turkey's Maldives

Salda Lake is Turkey's Maldives

After long time writing an article because in summer season cant write much things.While reading I saw about something Salda Lake.When I was university ı heard many things about it because my university is not much far away from there and there were tours at weekends.Salda is a tectonic lake at Aegean region in Turkey.I will write about why called it Turkey's Maldives ,where is the lake ,how can go there and where stay in there so I will give a  few reason for to visit Turkey too.

Where is Salda Lake

Salda lake is located in Yeşilova district in Burdur.It has about 184 meters depth so its second depth lake in Turkey.Its not much far away from Pamukkale so if you come pamukkale do not come back to see Salda lake.

Why called it Turkey's Maldives

salda lake

Its a lake with turquoise color and white sands.When see it can think that ıts look like Maldives.Salda lake is the 5th clear lake in the world.Anyway can see it on photos too.If you take photo in there and share it social media people can think that you are at Maldives :)

There are 2 beaches in Salda Lake.Yeşilove beach and Salda Forest beach, there are 3 kilometers distance between beaches and some places are deep blue so just can swim that beaches.ıts more safety.

Where I can stay at Salda Lake

There are a few motels near Salda and can stay in Yeşilova too.But
if you like nature can make camping near Salda Lake.Actually there are youth camps between july and august months.Nature,forest and deep blues.Will fall in love there .

How I can go Salda Lake.

There are a few routes to go there.I said before ig you come to pamukkale can come to Burdur and Yeşilova.Another routes is come to Isparta by plane and rent a car for to come Salda.

If you like nature,camping ,photography must see there when come to Turkey.

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