Top Famous Turkish Drinks

Top Famous Turkish Drinks

traditional turkish drinks

After long time decided to write about traditional famous Turkish drinks.Turkish cuisine very famous with foods but our drinks famous and healty too.Maybe know that about them but some drinks have different features.I will try to write about their features,season,culture and how they made that drinks.I will write about turkish tea,turkish coffee, boza, sherbet,salep and turkish ayran..I hope that like it.

Turkish Tea

Turkish tea culture
Tea,we call it çay in Turkish and Turkish people drink it mostly.At the least I drink it everyday.Tea's history not much old in Turkey but Turkish people liked it much and created their standarts.You cant see that tea-cup shape anywhere in the world.If see it that shape you can find a Turkish person in there too.We say that shape  '' ince belli'' in Turkish. Its mean as a thin belly.because its look like human belly.When drink it with close friends feel better too.Especially if have a amazing view while drink can enjoy much too.When use sugar with tea cant take it's taste much so I offer that drink it without sugar.I gave up to add sugar 2 years ago and I noticed that I was drinking just sugar before.When come to Turkey do not come back to hometown without drink tea with thin belly tea-cup..If want to read about turkish tea can find more information on there..turkish tea

Turkish coffee

turkish coffee culture
Turkish coffee's history older than tea.Come from Ottoman ages.In Ottoman ages created coffee houses for drink coffee.Turkish coffee is  important in Turkish culture.
Turkish people have a  interesting expression for turkish coffee they say that  a couple of turkish coffee have 40 years sake its  mean a little complex.We have interesting tradition about to weddings before weddings groom's family go to bride's home for to take wedding permission.Bride preapare coffee and add to salt into groom's cup.If groom drink, it show that groom want to marry much and will not make sad his wife and will do everything for his wife.Can read about turkish coffee 


It is claimed that it was first made in 9000-8000 BC in Mesopotamia or Eastern Anatolia.However, the Greek historian Xenophon (430-355 BC) mentions in writing that people  was drinking boza  in Eastern Anatolia in 401 BC.

Maybe many epople hear it first time because when toursits come to Turkey cant see it on summer season because boza is a winter season drink.
Boza made from white corn.It grind at the mill than clean all crusts tahn add water and keep waiting.Boza has a sourish taste.While drinking boza can add in cup roasted chickpea or cinnamon.

Turkish Sherbet

Turkish sherbet is one of the famous drink in Turkey and middle east countries.Especially in summer season people drink it much.It come from Ottoman and Seljuks ages.People was not drink alchol in Ottoman and Seljuks age so Sherbet culture risen.

Sherbet made from fruit juices or various  flowers.Some sherbets have special spices so it give different taste.Especially summer seasons, can add snow or ice.Its as a sweet syrup.When you come to Istanbul can see sherbet seller especially in the  Sultan Ahmet square.They has traditional ottoman clothes and churn..
Sherbet also has many health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, losing weight, relieving the stomach and intestines, regulating blood pressure and preventing thyroid.


If you are in the Turkey during winter season you must drink to hot traditional salep.It has a delicious taste and when drink it a cold day, warm up your body and give peace.
Winter season all of coffee add salep in menu so can find it easily.
Salep made from a type of orchids and milk.Turkey has a rich orchids area.Turkish ice creams made from that special orshids too.While drinking salep must add cinnamon into salep,it make more delicious.

Turkish Ayran

Turkish ayran, I think that every people know that delicious drink.
Especially while eat döner or kebab must drink ayran.
I prefer  goat milk's ayran because it is more delicious.Ayran is healty drink so everybody can drink it.
People can make ayra at home too, its easy but I'm not sure about its taste because churn ayran has a special taste because while doing 
churn ayran they are shake it long time so it has cream and different taste so when you come to Turkey want churn ayran not industrial ayran.Can read about ayran for more information 

I hope that like it and can taste that delicious drinks one day.Do not forget to sahre and drop messages please ...

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