My top 4 reasons to visit Turkey

My top  reasons to visit Turkey

kız kulesi manzara

I spent almost two weeks in Fethiye and Istanbul - where I explored the diversity of Turkey in its brilliance. But who Am I? I am Michael, a freelance photographer and travel blogger from Switzerland. Whilst my travels I always try to find the places that not only let you enjoy the moment, but also touch your soul and create moments that will stay forever. Did I found them in Turkey? You will find out in my top reasons to visit Turkey.

Tremendous history

When you talk about history with other travelers they will tell
you about the famous cities like Rome or Athene. Without a doubt they are full of history - but Istanbul is at least on the
historical places in istanbul
same level as them. Don't forget: Constantinople was capital of four different empires throughout history. You can still see their influences nowadays. Especially it's location between the East and the West made it very important in every episode of history which makes Istanbul to my "crown jewel of history". While Istanbul is clearly a magnificent city I also witnessed impressive parts of history in the ruins of Tlos close to Fethiye.

Delicious food

That's the only point where you cant argue with Turkish people: In their opinion they have the best and most
turkish foods
delicious food. And there is not much to say against it. While I really love other kind of foods too I loved the variety and taste of the Turkish food. Whatever you want, you will find something. Börek, Baklava, Kebab, Pilav or fish just to mention some of them. But what should you try when you stay in Istanbul? Well, that can be difficult - because there is so much to chose from. I had the luck to spend time with a friend who (luckily) forced me to try everything. I think you will get the best result if you ask your hotel staff or even better, local people. My favorite dishes were Iskendar Kebab, Börek and Turkish breakfast in general. Sitting at the edge of the sea, sipping your black tea and enjoying an amazing breakfast - what else do you need? For the ones who like alcohol (like me) you should try Raki, the Turkish national drink with anise flavor. It is... quite special. But it's fun to try and your Turkish friends will love to see you trying it.

Amazing beaches

Once I left Istanbul my goal was clear: Visit the famous Turkish beaches. We stayed in Fethiye, with Ölüdeniz Beach as it's flagship beach. And oh my god, you will not be
turkey beaches
disappointed. The water is crystal clear and simply amazing to bath. As it is a touristic destination you can do great boat tours to hidden beaches like the Butterfly Valley. Absolutely worth it. Around Fethiye you also have plenty of other activities to do. Your best possibility will be to visit one of the tourist agencies and book the trip that looks best to you. I personally tried the paragliding, which is really famous there. To describe the feeling when you're flying over Ölüdeniz beach you don't need many words. Simply amazing.

bosphorus night view

Thanks Michael for that good article and amazing photos.Michael has a travel blog too if you interested in read his article can visit or want to see his amazing photos from travels visit that facebook page

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